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Hello! My name is Star. A.K.A. Insane Person, Super Villian, Coffee Enthusiast.
I read a lot, I make art, I write things and I'm obsessed with comics.

This is my first official post on tumblr. I believe i will be using this to update any reader who stumbles upon this blog (may god have merci on your soul) of various things in categories such as comics, gaming, music, and randomosity. As you will come to learn very quickly I am a huge My Chemical Romance fan with a teensy lust for Gerard Way *Cough*. I love DC comics the best but also enjoy SLG, Dark Horse, Marvel ect. You know the rest. It’s truly hard to pick my favorite game. No seriously I refuse to do it. I will however tell you that i enjoy Zelda a very lot and Final Fantasy. Many of the N64 titles because, well, that’s my generation. As well as more modern and older games. I may occasionally review a game and rant on and on and on and on and on and on and on and -BANG- okay…you get the picture. Anyhow, it would be pretty cool to get some polls running on things for a bigger view on topics because honestly not everyone likes to hear a teenage nerd rant on about her opinion on video games and comics…although i WILL do that. Now, I’d like to say that I do in addition to my slight obsession with mentioned band i do have favorite comic characters, that i may favor over others. For example: Harley Quinn and the Joker. I sometimes get carried away with meshing them into two because honestly what is one without the other? Sure, they are just as cool by themselves but they seriously compliment each other. Harley is the only one Joker can stand for as long as he does even though he may get a *tad* frustrated once in a while. Harley was completely normal before meeting him and became something very different than the sophisticated psychiatrist she was. So all in all (not really because i have so much more to rant about this topic which i will do on a later date) they are my favorite comic villains, although i sure have a soft spot for all Batman villains. My favorite comic super hero (is she? It’s kind of indifferent but for the most part good so…) Crazy Jane from the Grant Morrison run of Doom Patrol. She is completely unique of any super hero character ever created. She has 64 personalities! Each with their own power! How is that not cool beyond belief? Some of them a bit useless but others are crazy killing machines, others completely useful. She’s really overlooked as a character in the DC universe but i really think she’s one of the most intriguing characters developed by DC comics. Props to Grant Morrison! And finally, characters that you really don’t know if they’re good or evil. It’s a tie between Johnny the Homicidal Maniac and Rorschach. Okay, i understand if you’re sitting there like “Uh, Nny is totally evil he kills tons of people!!”, yeah but he’s not really evil, he tries to stop killing and has some very sane moments (very few) but he’s still a likable character. Not someone you’d want to try to hug as many fans decree but fun to read about in a comic book. (Honestly, i’m a JV fan too but the majority of them are really creepily obsessed with his stuff, it makes you think of how he sleeps at night knowing people are curled up with his comics and Zim stuffed toys practically licking the pages.) Anyway, Rorschach, from Watchmen, is the PERFECT anti-hero! Everything that guy says is so perfectly dark in a crazed, “What the hell is wrong with this world?!” way. He’s not evil, but he’s not working for anyone claiming to be a good guy either. Simply awesome character. Damn i love that comic. To end this introduction turned into a comic book character rant, i’d like to say that i would certainly love feedback on my blog entries so please feel free to contact me via twitter or right here on tmblr and leave a comment or two, or just wave your fist at me while screaming that i’m just a bloody kid and you want me to leave your lawn ornaments alone. In which case, you don’t need to read my blog, or you need to redecorate your lawn.  

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